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Orion 100mm as an Alternative?

Started by Peter10, 11/11/2003 10:10AM
Posted 11/11/2003 10:10AM Opening Post
Orion has an f/6 100mm Achro on a Skyview Pro mount for $469.00 and they are able to ship today. Is the Burgess product really that much superior? When you consider the cost of the scope (~$400.00 when ordered now) and the endless delays - you have to wonder. I guess I will stick it out through Christmas but I have to wonder how much worse the Orion scope would be. Some thoughts:

1) The Orion scope is made in China and as far as I know, the Burgess scope is also made in China.

2) All reasonably fast Achros will show false color. The Burgess 102mm is no exception.

3) The light grasp of the Orion is about equal to that of the Burgess.

4) The benefit of the Burgess scope is likely in the "improved" optical figure. From what I have read, the Orion pulls off a reasonably good star test. Can the Burgess be that much better?

5) Mechanically, I expect that the Burgess scope will beat the Orion - but you have to factor in the never ending delay. Also, the Orion scope comes with a decent mount and a Azimuthal drive.

As I said before, I will hang out for the Burgess scope - the benefits are not all that well defined (at least in my mind). someone once said "after all, there is only so much you can do with an Achro". I hope that Bill can provide a decent chunk of that "so much".

Posted 11/11/2003 11:10AM #1
I've compared both... the Burgess kicks the Orions butt!!

You may want to look up some of the reviews of the
proto-type on the Yahoo burgess forum..

Mark Visser
Posted 11/11/2003 06:02PM #2
I think the Orion scope is decent, the mechanicals are going to be worse than the BO scope. As far as the optics go, I will wait until I see mine. But as you say a 102mm F6 Achromat is going to have significant false color, no way around that. I didn't buy this scope as a planetary scope. Actually right now I am not quite sure why I purchased this scope......

Currently I have two 5 inch scopes, a C5 OTA and an Orion Space Probe 130 ST (F5 Newt) fitted with a 2 inch focuser. Amazingly the 130ST does a pretty decent job on Double stars and with that 2 inch focuser only has a slightly narrower FOV than the 102F6 will..

Oh well, now why was it I bought that 102F6 ???