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Promises, Promises!

Started by fblue, 08/16/2004 10:05AM
Posted 08/16/2004 10:05AM Opening Post
I think the real problem here is the promises that were not kept and the speculation that is reported as factual.
Bill would save himself a lot of grief if he would only talk about the products he has in his hands and not those in his head.
As a businessman I have learned to never make promises that I can not honor. Never quote prices on products that I don not have in stock and never speculate about things that are not in production. I also do not believe in advertising products as "Coming Soon at a store near you!".
Another thing that I have learned is this. If a product is not up to your standards, you do not sell it, even for a discounted price. This will always be your product and will reflect on your standards. So if it is not good enough for you, DON'T SELL IT! I return any products that do not meet my standards. I will even eat ones that I can not return rather than sell them and suffer the consequences.
This is not meant to bash anyone. It is too put my thoughts on the table about products, services and promises.

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Posted 08/16/2004 01:38PM #1

Very well said.

BO would do well to follow your suggestions.