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Quality control

Started by Guy Jordan, 10/13/2004 08:38PM
Posted 10/13/2004 08:38PM Opening Post
I read with interest the long threads about trust and integrity but I can't shake one point. Regardless of ultimate cause, a manufacture like Burgess Optics cannot realistically blame a vendor for what they themselves ship to the end customer. If a manufacturer is going to "trust" a vendor to deliver product ready to use or "dock-to-stock" then there must be safeguards in place to verify this trust periodically.

IMO a manufacturer who does not verify and check their vendors quality is gambling with both their reputation and the customers money. Additionally, the whole product system must be verified before shipment -- in this case, the whole optical assembly (remember Hubble).

As a consumer I hope BO gets their act together enough to ship good product without the vapor-ware syndrome. Hinting at the end product properties is as bad as setting the official specs prematurely. Even though final specs can change, doing so only breeds customer dissatisfaction.


"I know engineers. They love to change things."

- Leonard McCoy (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)