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Re: A review of the semi-apo prototype?

Started by apmtelescopes, 10/15/2004 03:39AM
Posted 10/15/2004 03:39AM Opening Post
This scope , made by Jinghua Optics and Electronics Co., LTD is a simple standart achromat. Our German Company TS selling this scopes and this company was at the photokina. We talked with them long time and Telescope Service here biggest Partner discussed with them 2 days all what they offer, what the can do and what they do.
The doing some Maks, they doing the new Meade series 5000 eyepieces, they doing achromats. They dont do SD, or Semiapo or Apo
the images of the link also confirm the color of achromats.

Simply add, the posted info and claim is a false claim, but not new for chinese people

I am sorry


clear skies

Markus Ludes
Posted 10/15/2004 04:37AM #1
Markus, will you or TS offer the Meade S5000 eyepieces in Europe under your own name?

Posted 10/17/2004 04:16PM #2
I think Markus is somewhat challenged by his ability to speak clear English. Not a knock on Markus. I would be the last to belittle anyone for not speaking English very well. I know only one language (not great with it either). So I have admiration for anyone who is willing to learn another language other than their native tongue.

I think when Markus said this was not new for Chinese people, perhaps he meant for the Chinese optical industry or people in it? At least that is what I am assuming. Perhaps I am wrong. Coule be. But I have the feeling this is a language barrier issue and not a blatant racial attack.
Posted 10/17/2004 05:31PM #3
Hi Yudong,
I just bought a telescope from Markus and it is true he is in Arizona on vacation until the 26th. I'm sure he will answer you then, I imagine by saying something like what Donnie suggested, that he was talking about the Chinese optics companies he deals with, not about Chinese people in general. But he can speak well enough for himself.
The part of the review that sticks out in this context is the claim
"in fact it's SD glass, confirmed by the warehouse"
Input of numerous experts on this forum has shown that it is simply not possible to have a 6 inch ED/SD refractor for this price. More details can be found by reading prior posts from people like Roland, Yuri, and Markus who know a lot more than I do. So someone somewhere is putting out false information in this review; I imagine it must be frustrating to those in the business who do not operate in this way.
Posted 10/17/2004 08:33PM | Edited 10/17/2004 08:33PM #4
Markus, Pollux's scope is real. Neither him or I made claim that it's a semi-apo or it's what Bill will offer. Your accuse that we post false claim is not standing.
It's not uncommon for two different type of optics using the same OTA, Orion's 80ED comes to mind. You accused us posting false information, do you actually have proof Pollux's scope is non-existent?