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Re: BO 102 f/6

Started by gibson57guy, 03/27/2005 08:34PM
Posted 03/27/2005 08:34PM Opening Post
Hey Matt: ummm actually Bill still insists that the fine focus knob is included and is the final stages as we speak.. He even has a picture of it on his yahoo site.. So no false advertising on Herb's part there..

And Bill either wasn't honest/or was ignorant about the aperature until someone else happened to find out for him. Again if you follow the posts on the yahoo forum from the start you will see he was warned many times about the aperature..He didn't listen and the people who warned him were shut out..Main thing is to take the rear baffle out if you don't like the 92 or 80mm or what ever it is.

This is all old hat and people have been incorrectly called bashers for always bringing it up correcting others.. For example if you never posted your original comment I wouldn't have needed to make mine to correct it.

Neither Basher or cheerleader with a 101 on order. grin

Mark Visser