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Re: latest update on the 1278

Started by jonisaacs, 10/13/2003 12:02PM
Posted 10/13/2003 12:02PM Opening Post
Can you post the text of the message for those of us who are not Yahoo Savvy?

I would appreciate it...

Posted 10/13/2003 12:41PM #1
"Hello Guys

I think this is the message you want to hear. The diagonal problem has been fixed and just as soon as the diagonals arrive we will start shipping the 1278. BTW
I think you will be very pleased with the results. (We have been using absolutely unbelievable power thru this model)On the 1026 I will have more information this week on the progress with the lenses.
Many have asked me about the 1538 and Alphastar so here it is. 100 1538 are already made. These will be added to the one hundred 105 mm Maksutov (also ready) and 100 Alphastars that are being made as we speak. I am very
glad to report that the Alphastar will be better than I had hoped. Never has so much scope been offered to the beginner for so little. Here are the final specs.

All metal tube. 150 mm F5 parabolic primary with spring loaded push pull collimation. 40 mm secondary mounted in a fully collimatable housing supported by four vanes.
1.25" focuser with brass locking ring and course fine focus on one side Two Plossl eyepieces Red dot finder GEM 1 mount All of this for the intr. price of $199.00 polar scope RA drive The first three production models of this scope will be here next week.

I will be making an unplanned trip to China late in November to see and bring home the 93 mm Florite and 127 APO.

One more time I would like to thank all of you for your patience I have received Hundreds of calls and E-mail of encouragement over the last Six months. This has taken much longer than I had ever imagined (And we still are not complete 1026 lens)

Burgess Optical