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Series II binos update

Started by febco1, 07/07/2004 09:27PM
Posted 07/07/2004 09:27PM Opening Post
Hi astro friends.
I called Burgess today to get an update on the status of the 25x100 binos. Tammy told me that the whole batch was returned to the factory to fix a problem with the focusing knob. Apparently the knob was getting stiff after short use. Possibly something to do with the lubricant (? grease)or some O-ring. Bill could not fix them in-house as the optical barrels need to be opened thus loosing the Nitrogen seal. They expect to get them back by early next week. Everything else had checked out OK prior to finding this fault with the focusing knob. Let me reiterate that all of the Series II binos (70,80,90mm,etc)were returned to the overseas factory. Well it could have been worse! All of the original orders for the Series II binos are getting a $100 discount to compendate for the delay. grin I remain hopeful.
Posted 07/07/2004 11:07PM #1
Boy, if it wasn't for bad luck, Burgess would have no luck at all huh? wink
Hope it works out.

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