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Suggestion For Burgess Website

Started by Chas Argent, 03/29/2003 09:06AM
Posted 03/29/2003 09:06AM Opening Post
I'm very interested in some of the products that Burgess offers, but I find real information & data about them is lacking. To say that binoculars "come with all the standard features" is vague. I want to know things like weight, diopter adjustability, straps, cases, coatings, etc. More info makes me more comfortable with buying. Only a few tidbits are actually listed. Just a thought.

Chas Argent
Posted 03/29/2003 11:35AM #1
This is true. However, right now Bill and Tammy are THE operation. We all want to talk to Bill when we call; We want him to test EVERY pair of our binos throughly; We want our emails answered promptly; We want our 6in APO for $999! We want another new Burgess toy for next week......You get the picture.

I think things will improve as Bill get more foucsed on his projects. He has already posted this week that he will focus his APO development to the 5 in for now. In the mean time we can help by getting our new product ideas under control and let the guy sleep once a while. We can also post specific product questions on this and the Yahoo group if it's about a model already in production. For example, someone measured the Burgess 80 LW on his digital fish scale for me right after I posted the question. I am sure other owners of BurgessOptics will be happy to do the same

Erik D
Posted 03/29/2003 07:00PM #2
HEllo, I agree with Erik. I am the current webmaster for and I do try to post all the information I can get. Unfortunately Bill is VERY busy right now and so we do the best we can. If people want to send me the data they collected, I will run it past Bill and post it for all the others. We are in the works of making some major changes to our site (like placing order requests online) and so any information would be helpful. Now just don't go crazy and fill the email box! smile

Robb Feldhege