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Started by gibson57guy, 10/12/2004 06:15AM
Posted 10/12/2004 06:15AM Opening Post
I had this posted once but pulled it.. After some thought I am re-posting it because I think it needs to be said.

I think for me a lot of the issue is trust…. Let me give you some examples…

1. A long time ago Bill was going to offer the 102f6 and mount for 199 U.S. per my discussion with him on the phone… then it all started to slowly change as Bill began to realize that he couldn’t do it and then it became just the scope.
2. I pulled my original review of the prototype as the production scope was no where near what the prototype was and let’s just say I was very naïve about baffling.
3. I ordered the premium binoviewer which is now scrapped and supposedly going to be made by Thomas Back if it is made… ( The original had problems with the collar??)
4. I ordered a pair of 20x100 bino’s.. the ones Bill offered for 99 at the star parties.. For some reason there is a prism problem and Bill doesn’t know when it will be fixed… I cancelled my order.
5. I ordered a 4 inch mak for 99.00… The company Bill was getting them from supposedly sold them to a Larger company and left Bill hanging…. I cancelled my order.
6. Same thing with the goto mount as in 5 above ( only I didn’t order the mount )
7. I was told by Bill the new Binoviewer would work with maks and refractors… However in other forums I only hear of not having the correct adaptors but no official night reviews.
8. He did offer me the new Binoviewer with 2 eyepieces for 150.00 ( the original was for the same only 99.00) so my half off coupon became 25% off.

Guys…. I think I’ve been pretty patient but as you can see a lot of what I ordered just did not come into “being”. So when Bill says he is going to make something of a certain quality you have to know I’m thinking “ ya right” “I’ll believe it when I see it”..

I thought Bill had learned his lesson with the 102f6 but as you can see it happened with the Bino’s the Binoviewers , and the 4 inch mak.

I am not upset at Bill but I have had a couple of years of experience with him and advise to proceed with caution…

Like I said for before….it’s partly a matter of trust…..Bill seems to be overly enthusiastic about some of his products……

Clear Skies

Mark Visser