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40 mm Scope and DSLR

Started by Alex McConahay, 05/14/2006 12:22AM
Posted 05/14/2006 12:22AM Opening Post
I borrowed a Coronado 40 mm tonight to hook onto my Canon DSLR. I've tried it before, but could not reach focus...But I thought I would try again......

At any rate---talking to a buddy, he tells me one cannot take a picture with this combination. Something about simply not enough light. One needs a 60 mm.

Is that true--tell me before I go out there tomorrow and get all flustered. Please.

Posted 05/14/2006 04:13AM #1
There's more than enough light. A common mistake of aspiring solar H-a imagers when using a "color" camera, is to realize they are working with a monochromatic signal... ergo, a properly exposed image looks much darker until it is processed.

You may need a relay lens (PowerMate, Barlow, etc) to reach focus.

I mentioned in an earlier posting that I've been polishing up some of my PowerPoint Solar H-a stuff and converting it to PDF format. Solar H-a imaging techniques and nuances mentioned there should be of help. My apologies for typos, small images etc; I'll clean it up as time permits: