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best bang for the buck

Started by fblue, 09/23/2012 07:17PM
Posted 09/23/2012 07:17PM Opening Post
I would like some input on the best double stack solar scope for the money. The cost is not set, just looking for the best bang for the buck sort of answers.
Quality of mechanics and of course the image that it gives of the Sun and all the surface details and well as Prominences and such are a big consideration.
Size of course is an issue, I do not wish to have a 6" scope or really much over 60-80mm.

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Posted 09/25/2012 11:36PM #1
Hi Floyd.
I still think the PST is a tremendous value,
but for "the best double stack solar scope for the money",
I'd nominate the 60mm Lunt. Mine's an original and only has a 50mm DS filter,
but they're making a 60mm filter now, which would be even better.
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