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Cemax Eyepiece Set

Started by buzzman, 08/10/2004 06:49PM
Posted 08/10/2004 06:49PM Opening Post
Before I take the plunge and spend $380, is the set worth the money or should I save it for other toys. I currently have the Maxscope 40 and love it and I use the Meade 4000 series eyepieces, which seem to work fine. I would appreciate any info.

Posted 08/10/2004 08:38PM #1
I have the full set of Coronado eyepieces and barlow. They do a fine job!
Posted 08/12/2004 02:24AM #2
I have only had my PST for a couple of weeks and purchased a Cemax 18mm as part of the 'special'.
I love this EP for viewing, it fits the OTA aperture nicely. My Nagler 9T6 has me racking the focuser to achieve focus and seems sensitive at that. I am waiting for some clear skies to try a few plossls I have purchased as part of a trial.
Supposedly the fewer the elements the lesser reflection.

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Posted 08/12/2004 03:16PM #3
I have used the Meade 4000 series eyepieces from 26MM to 15MM with very good results. The 26MM barely makes focus. I also have a Cemax 18MM with the PST and have used that as the bench mark for other eyepieces. I did not like the Naglers or Radians because of the kidney bean effect. I also use a TeleVue 8-24mm non-click stop zoom with very good results. I am using the eyepieces in a Coronado PST and Maxscope 40 and stacked PST.
Posted 08/12/2004 07:08PM | Edited 08/12/2004 07:10PM #4
The Cemaxes are excellent in Ha (I have a Maxscope 40). The simpler EP designs, like UO Orthos are also excellent. I find that the standard and newer HD Orthos are very close to the Cemaxes in terms of sharpness and clarity of the image, though at a smaller AFOV. Naglers (type 6) are ok, but the extra lens elements result in more light scatter and a redder background i.e. reduced contrast. My Pentax 10.5mm XL has a dimmer image than expected. I recommend a neutral density filter or variable polarizing filter as well. These really help to bring out surface detail.


- Craig