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Full-disk CaK image for 03-Aug-06

Started by pghyndman, 08/03/2006 05:53PM
Posted 08/03/2006 05:53PM | Edited 08/03/2006 05:54PM Opening Post
Hi All,

Deep in the throes of a heat-wave here, but y'all convinced me to do a peek and tweak with one of the
PSTs this afternoon (a final hurrah, then tomorrow it's back to a 7day/12hr work-week... sigh). tongue

The high level of humidity and attendant haze disuaded me from setting up for Ha, and opted to
try the wider-band CaK.

Here's the result:

Image details: Off-the-shelf (unmodified)CaK PST with modified nose-piece Meade DSI Pro (love that
little DSI Pro!):. Disk exposure 0.0028/ Prom exposure: 0.0625, processed with ImagesPlus and combined
with Adobe PhotoShop CS.



Posted 08/03/2006 06:00PM #1
First REALLY detailed shot that I see in the CaK band... nice job Paul! 8)

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