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Large Scale Ha image from 30-Jul-06

Started by pghyndman, 08/02/2006 07:33PM
Posted 08/02/2006 07:33PM | Edited 08/02/2006 07:42PM Opening Post
Aloha... it's great to be back in the saddle and playing in the sun again, even if only for a
few days (then back to work... sigh!)

I've been running a few tests with some (modified) DSI Pros and PSTs, but just HAD to gather a
few mucho-grande scale high res shots with the big rig while out there. I'm still trying to eradicate
the Newton's rings issues ( ) with the SBIG
ST11K camera, and had a modicum of success.

Rather than introduce the additional complexity of working with the double 90 (tuning and hot spots),
I opted to shoot with a single SM90 and BF30 (too lazy!) Here's a reduced size version of one of the
images (for dial-up users)

A larger version can be found at: (775K, but should be worth the wait)

The print version disk of the master is over 36 inches in diameter... WooHoo! Too bad the sun was relatively
quiet during the session.

Image details: AP Traveler with SM90/BF30 through a 4X TeleVue Powermate and SBIG ST11K.
Single image processed via three separate paths (disk, hairy limbs, and proms) with Images Plus and
Adobe PhtoShop CS.

BTW: My AP600 mount is now running flawlessly... a long standing stalling issue is corrected.
Thanks to Wally from AP for suggesting the fix (installed an additional thermistor).