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Maxscope 40 Arrived!

Started by clevine, 06/07/2004 08:14AM
Posted 06/07/2004 08:14AM Opening Post
Whooo-hooo! My brother sent my Astromart-acquired Maxscope 40 w/ BF10 and Cemax EP set to me via UPS ground last Tuesday. Air-shipping would have cost almost $400 Canadian, so I went for the cheaper ground option. Ground to/from either side of the border always takes a minimum of 12-14 working days, with customs being the big delay. I have no Idea why this package zipped straight through. I sure hope that this bodes well for the weather tomorrow!

Here's a quick question or two: What is the large metal thumbscrew beside the BF/diagonal for? Also, why is there a central obstruction in the design?

The weather is cloudy in Nova Scotia at the moment, but as soon as I see a sucker-hole, I'll be outside.

Clear skies to everyone on tuesday!

- Craig
Posted 06/07/2004 09:10AM #1 was advertised as having a BF-10, but it's actually a BF-5. :S . I'm not too fussed, as it was still a deal. I'll contact the seller. I'm assuming it was an honest mistake. Maybe he ordered a 10mm and received a 5mm? Or it was a typo...? Again, not too big of a deal. I'm just glad to have it in my hands.

Can you buy the BF's seperately? Any idea as to how much they cost?


- Craig