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Maxscope 40 or SM40/10?

Started by clevine, 04/17/2004 04:32PM
Posted 04/17/2004 04:32PM Opening Post
Hi all,

I've posted this in a couple of other forums - sorry if you're seeing this twice! I'm ready to purchase a Ha filter, but I have some questions:

I've decided to take the plunge into Ha solar observing. The question now is: "which set-up?"

I've narrowed my options down to two. The PST from Coronado was my initial choice, especially at its price point. The downside is that with back orders and the fact that they haven't shipped yet (at least to my knowledge), it may be 3-5 months before I can get my hands on one. Also, the bandpass on this unit is optimized for prominences at
the expense of solar surface detail

The remaining choices are: Cornado SM40/10, and the Coronado Maxscope 40mm.

I have a 4" f8 (~800mm focal length) refractor. The SM40/10 at first blush is slightly less expensive than the Maxscope, but with the addition of an adapter plate to mount it on the objective of the refractor, the cost works out to be +/- the same. The maxscope is smaller than my 4" scope, so there is the portability factor.

Does one of these options have any other benefits over the other? Can the Maxscope be "de-tuned" i.e. is there a mechanism to change the filter's angle to move the band-pass away from the H-alpha line to observe fast moving (doppler shifted) events? Anyone know what the lead-time is on the Maxscope? The SM40/10 is in stock at a couple of places, but I haven't seen the Maxscope in stock.

Thanks for any input!

- Craig

Craig Levine
Observing Chairman
RASC, Halifax Centre
Posted 04/19/2004 10:01AM #1
Craig: I was at your decision point a few months ago, and decided to go with the MaxScope 40. I have a TV-76 refractor that would have been the home for an SM40, but now I can view in white light and h-alpha at the same time - I have both scopes on a CG-5 mount using a saddle from ScopeStuff. I did just get a BF-10 blocking filter to replace the BF-5 that came with my MaxScope. It will be more suitable for using my Denkmeier binoviewer and the larger blocking filter opens up the flexibility when using my digital camera and webcam for photos. I would suggest that you buy the kit with the BF-10 rather than the one with the BF-5 if you plan to do either of those things.

John in SE Indiana
[COLOR="Red"]Corydon Ridge Observatory[/COLOR]
C-11/G-11, Televue TV-76, SolarMax 50DS
TMB/BO PlanetHunter 80,Meade AR-6