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photography question

Started by shoff535, 07/12/2006 04:09PM
Posted 07/12/2006 04:09PM Opening Post
Does anyone know how well hte canon digital cameras (eos 30d, 350 xt) record H-a? Does it make a significant (a subjective term, I know) difference is a Hutech modified camea is used? If I understand correctly the standard canon cuts the red wavelength at ~650nm, a modified camera cuts off at ~700nm or xxx nm if no filter is used.

I ask this, because I have recently ordered a sm40 and am now looking for a camera, and because economics rule (for most of us anyway).

A side question would be what type of film (I typically use Elite Pro 200 for DSO photography) would be best.

Thanks in advance,
Posted 07/13/2006 07:15AM #1

I use a Canon 300D with my PST and it works very well. The image as seen in the Ha scope is what is captured. Here is a sample, with the color adjusted to show some surface detail.


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Posted 07/13/2006 11:22AM #2
Hey Steve.

Check out Paul Hyndman's website -

Paul has a lot of experience with the Canon digital cameras - with and without the IR cut filter. If the website doesn't give you enough imformation, fire him off an e-mail. I'm sure he'd be happy to answer your questions.


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