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Questar 3.5

Started by jimhp29401us, 11/03/2002 05:11PM
Posted 11/03/2002 05:11PM Opening Post
Anyone have any experience using a Questar 3.5 with the Coronado system? Questar sells a "solar observatory" with either the 40mm or 60mm filtere. I will contact them tomorrow but wonder if anyone has any eperience with a 3.5 Q and a coronado system? Thanks

Jim Phillips
Posted 11/03/2002 05:38PM #1
If you already own the scope or anticipate using it in other applications, I imagine it would not present any major problems, assuming the blocking filter is large enough to accomodate full disk views at the specified focal length.

H-a itself is a very narrow, monochromatic slice of the spectrum... 656.28nm, and typically less than 0.7angstroms wide, so not much more than an achromatic that is reasonably well corrected (for Red) is needed to enjoy the show.



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