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Sky 90 and Solar viewing

Started by HowardP, 07/18/2004 07:51PM
Posted 07/18/2004 07:51PM Opening Post
Do I get:

90 mm Solarmax filter system

60mm stacked Solarmax filter system


60mm stacked Maxscope

I have a sky 90mm and would like to know which option will give the best views showing suface and edge detail, as costs are simillar.

thanks howard
Posted 07/21/2004 06:57AM #1

I'd vote for the doublestacked Maxscope. You gain more visual "punch" by adding a second etalon over going to a next larger sized one. Since the MaxScope is optimised for h-alpha it will give the best views.

Now, what would change my vote is if you wanted a portable refractor for night use also. Then I'd vote for the Sky 90 and doublestacked 60 filter.

Tom M

Clear, sunny skies.
Tom Masterson
Coronado-Lunt-Daystar Solar Filters forum Moderator
Posted 07/22/2004 05:40PM #2
Guys, thanks for the input

I decided to save some bucks for now and have a PST double stacked at the front end with the SM40 module. It will be arriving in one week (I had to use the Coronado site for the instock list and went on a tip to find the product). I got the PST at B and H in NY and the SM40 with T-max at OPT.

I will mount on a telepod with a photography tripod or piggyback my Sky 90 with a white light filter.

I might move up to the stacked 60 or 90 later.

I think I will have awsome views for the dollar. The total cost without mount was about $1500.00

I will post when I get it.

what do you think?