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Solar Max 60 photogarphy??

Started by Dante221, 06/14/2006 03:36PM
Posted 06/14/2006 03:36PM Opening Post
:S Hello All!
I am contemplating purchase of a Solar Max 60 scope but
I cant see how to attach a 35mm sized body to a right Angle
blocking filter. Is a straight thru 1 1/4 inch unit available?
Many thanks for your expertise!!

[COLOR="Navy"][/COLOR] Dante
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St. Anselm
Posted 06/15/2006 08:51AM #1
Dante, A standard 'T' ring adaptor to suit your camera + a 1.25" threaded adaptor screwed onto your 'T' ring will enable you to plug your camera into the standard right angle BF diagonal. A BF30,if memory serves me right,is a straight through filter. Have a peek at the Coronado 'site.