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Sun on June 12 - Nice Prominence

Started by clevine, 06/12/2004 05:10AM
Posted 06/12/2004 05:10AM Opening Post
Wow! I just set up the MS40, and there's a large prominence at the 5:00 position in the eyepiece. Take a look if you have the time. Awesome!


- Craig
Posted 06/12/2004 05:51AM | Edited 06/12/2004 05:56AM #1
These things move! I could see changes in the prominence over the course of several minutes. Tilting the etalon brought the right-hand sction of the complex into greater visibility (there were two prominences emanating from the same point - a loop perhaps?). I then noticed a brighter patch on the limb of the sun directly below the two, at their base. Over the space of about five minutes, it grew dramatically and flared up the left-hand prominence. What a show! Some clouds scudded over the sun shortly after, but man, what a display!

I used a Maxscope 40 with a 12mm Cemax EP and a Televue 2.5x Powermate.


- Craig