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Thinking about Solarmax 40

Started by cdculbertson, 10/15/2002 05:45PM
Posted 10/15/2002 05:45PM Opening Post
Well, after going back and forth on this for several months, I am finally thinking about ordering a Solarmax 40. I have scaled back on my expectations somewhat, going all over the board from considering a TMB 100 with Solarmax 60, until finances ended that idea, and I am now thinking about the 40mm filter for my recently acquired Pronto.

According to Nick, at Coronado, I would be fine with the SM40 and the BF5. I was not aware that there was a 5mm blocking filter, so maybe this is a new item? Anyway, Nick says that it should be fine for the Pronto as it is designed for a full disk view in scopes less than 500mm (the Pronto is 476mm). He also said that I could expect delivery in 8-12 weeks, which is better than I expected.

Any thought or comments on the SM40/T-Max/BF5/Pronto combination? Any idea how it might work with my TV BinoVue?

Thanks for any advice, comments, etc!
Midway, FL
Posted 10/15/2002 07:18PM #1

Will you be in Chiefland in Nov?
I know for sure that there will be a Pronto, SM/40, BF10 though and a pair of Celestron Binoviewers with this set-up

If you are there you can take a view and see, the views are very nice
Posted 10/16/2002 12:58AM #2
First off, I would be very surprised to hear that Coronado has EVER delivered a Solarmax 40 in 8-12 weeks. Mine took 6.5 months. As to the Binovue, I'm not sure you'll have enough focus travel with the Solarmax diagonal.

I use my Solarmax 40 with a TV Ranger and the views are wonderful. I used to have a Daystar .7A on a C-8. It was such a hassle to set it up. The Solarmax is up and running very quickly.

Don Wyman

Don Wyman
Obsession #1166 18" f/4.5
with Argo Navis and ServoCat
WO Megrez 90 APO
Coronado PST