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What's the Difference? MS40+BF5 vs MS40+BF10

Started by clevine, 05/17/2004 06:56AM
Posted 05/17/2004 06:56AM Opening Post
What difference is there in the views in a Maxscope 40 with the 5mm vs 10mm blocking filters? Why is the 'scope sold with one or the other? Are there advantages to either one?

Also, just out of idle curiosity, why is the 70mm Maxscope less expensive than the 60mm Maxscope?!?


Posted 05/17/2004 07:59AM #1
from our experience the BF 10 in the Maxscope offers a wide better more homogeneity field than with BF 5, images all over the sun looking better than with BF 5


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Markus Ludes
Posted 05/18/2004 07:02AM #2

The main reason for the scope being sold with the BF-5 is most likely cost. The blocking filters are an expensive optic so using the smaller blocking filter helps hold cost down.

The reason for the 70mm MaxScope cost difference has to do with it being a different design. Instead of a full aperture etalon at the front of the scope, it uses a smaller etalon mounted internally farther down the lightpath, using corrective lenses to straighten the lightbeam before it enters the etalon. Since the etalon is the most expensive part, using a smaller one makes for less cost. I'm sure there are other small differences, but this is the main one.


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