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Autostar Woes: Whatup wit dat?

Started by Hootscoot, 09/11/2003 08:55AM
Posted 09/11/2003 08:55AM Opening Post
I have a somewhat truculant autostar controller with my LX200 classic.
It had been working fine for the past four years, but lately it has "locked up": the keypad would not accept commands, or it would return to the bootup line. After a restart of the system, everything would then be fine - for a while. And then there are times it would seem to be working well.
My connections and power supply seemed to be ok.
Is my controller going bad?
Ideas? Comments?



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Posted 09/11/2003 10:53AM #1
Hi John -

As far as I know, the Autostar is not compatible with the LX-200 classic. You need to use a LX-200 controller in order for it to work correctly.