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LXD-650 Polar scope

Started by Dave132mm, 03/06/2007 05:03PM
Posted 03/06/2007 05:03PM Opening Post
Does anyone know where I can get one.
Is it possable to use other brands, because
I can't find one.

Thanks Dave
Posted 03/06/2007 05:18PM #1
Not sure about where to find the polar scope, my LXD650 came with one.
I see no reason why you could not use another brand if the diameter and thread were the same. Perhaps a Orion one could be made to fit with a little ingenuity? smile

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Posted 03/06/2007 08:27PM #2
Scope City shows one on their website. Might be worth a call.
Posted 03/06/2007 09:35PM #3
There is a great little program available for free on-line for the Meade Polar Scope. It shows the position of Polaris in the scope reticle for any time or date. Shows the position as if you were looking through the scope. Very nice!

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