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LXD650 mount - lining up the arrows?

Started by jondickinson, 01/04/2007 03:26AM
Posted 01/04/2007 03:26AM Opening Post
For those of you out there that use a LXD650 (and maybe LXD750) mount, I just got an LXD650 mount and I am confused as to what needs to be lined up on the RA axis during the initial alignment procedures.

I am familar with RA and the two scales (one for those north of equator, other for those south) and that you can loosen the thumbscrew and set the RA circle to anything you want.

But what I do not understand is what do you place opposite the big white arrow sticker (located on the mount housing when performing the initial align. There does not seem to be any other big arrow sticker on the dec head. I do see two index marks on the dec head - one with a small dot, one without.

The manual states that once dec head is positioned correctly during this initial alignment, the electronics panel faces the sky and the counterwight shaft is parallel with the ground. When I place the head like that, there are no specific marks that line up with the big white arrow on the housing.


Posted 01/04/2007 07:35PM | Edited 01/04/2007 07:44PM #1
Easiest way to describe the position is like this. Put the RA at the vertical postition with its pointer straight up in the middle of the RA drive box lid. I measured across the top and mad a mark with a silver Sharpie for the center mark to aligh the pointer.
The place the DEC at the horizontal position with the OTA at 90 degrees in the straight forward position. Then turn the DEC setting circle until it has the 90 degree mark at the pointer.
Again, I measured the case and marked the center to give me a mark for the pointer.
There are no dots or points already on the mount for the pointers.
This picture shows the start up position that you set before you tell it to align. I place the scope in this position before I turn it on. Note, the control pannel is up and the DEC slow motion knob is down. There is a picture of this position in the manual too.
When you press align it will ask to move the scope to the up position and then it will slew to Polaris.

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