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Meade 8" Light Bridge - Focuser

Started by mfranzyshen, 03/12/2007 03:06PM
Posted 03/12/2007 03:06PM Opening Post
While I'm on the subject of the Meade 8" Light Bridge, does anyone have any recommendations for replacing the focuser? I find the stock focuser to be just barely functional/adequate. The focuser even has trouble bringing a 19" Panoptic to focus (I need to pull the eyepiece 1/4" out of the focuser. I like the Moon Light series of focuser (CR1, CR2), but they're expensive. Anyone have any recommendations or suggestions?
Posted 03/12/2007 04:46PM #1
I'd give Jim's Mobile Inc a call. I just ordered one of their Event Horizon focusers to replace the one on my Zhumell. (I agree, my stock focuser is probably the same as yours and it's very coarse and hard to adjust.) The same JMI focuser should fit the Meade, and they start at $149.
David E
Posted 03/12/2007 05:31PM #2
Expansion and contraction are issues with a metal truss dob and is likely the problem. Let it cool before you collimate, do not over tighten the screws on the secondary or primary and see if it won't hold then.

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