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Mars Moon Conjunction 1-30-2023

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Using Meade Telescope? NEED IDEAS!

Started by Blindbob75, 01/07/2023 10:56PM
Posted 01/07/2023 10:56PM Opening Post
Is anyone out there using a meade telescope? I have an ETX 90 EC, with a bad controller! Like many others I am looking for an alternative controlling method that wotks, and also does not take two months to arrive from China. I understand that the Meade company is abouy dead now, but I'm thinking that there has got to be some people out there still using GO-TO telescobes from Meade. Did everyone collectively just toss them in the trash? Maybe the trash is where they belong, but I live on a very limited social insecurity income, and want to look at the stars. I would also like a Go-To telescope that I can see something with as well! May I please get your ideas?