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want to attach DSLR to ETX-90... how to??

Started by ctron, 07/21/2008 11:44AM
Posted 07/21/2008 11:44AM Opening Post
I would like to attach a Canon Rebel 350D by the prime focus method to my ETX-90. I already have a Canon t-thread adapter from CNC. What else do I need since the ETX's rear port isn't t? Also, if I wanted to use Meade's f/6.3 field flatter/ focal reducer- 1) would this work at prime focus with the Canon (I've read about possible focus issues with certain cameras) and 2) what adapter(s) would I need besides the one I'd already need for prime focus?

Obviously, I'm having trouble finding answers to the above questions and what I am finding is a bit confusing.