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2nd Light 152 TAK

Started by claytonjandl, 09/29/2003 08:28PM
Posted 09/29/2003 08:28PM Opening Post
Hi all,

Went to my clubs star party this past sat. This was my 2nd. time out with this scope. 1st. time out the seeing was terrible, so could'nt star test the scope very good, nor could I look for false color.

This time was different. Seeing was about 8 out of 10. I had a seasoned observer there that star tested the scope for me, and showed me what to look for. He said the star test was excelent, both on inside and outside of focus. Finest optics he has seen.(he has a TAK FS 102). We split a double star in cygnus cleanly it was a 2 arch second double! Scope was in perfect collimation.

The only false color I saw was on the star test at 240x, the inner rings were slightly purple, the outer ring a light lime green color. However I saw NO color when in focus on vega at the same power or even at 300x! Cresent moon was up looked great very high contrast very crisp views no color, with bino-viewer even better, outstanding!

Mars had alot of detail, looked like pictures I've seen in magazines from amatures. The lagoon nebula was very nice with 22mm nagler, alot of detail, then I put in a OIII filter and WOW! Not as bright as the 15" reflector that was next to me, but detail really jumped out at me, and held a more pleasing image than the 15".

For the 1st. time I was able to see M110 without averted vision. It might have been dim, but it was clearly there it was an incredible sight!
Ditto on everything else that I viewed that night, everything was very crisp, with a high amount of contrast that I have'nt see in any scope!

Everything snapped into focus, something that I have'nt in any scope!
The only negative about the scope that I have is that the focuser is quite stiff when drawing the tube inward, drawing it out was very smooth. I'd like if it was smooth on both occasions. Yet either way stars always snapped into focus, with no problem. If any one knows how I can adjust the focuser to be smoother let me know.

Any way I look at it, this may be the only scope I'll ever need, really an excelent scope, it's a keeper! Thank you Takahashi!

Nick T.
Posted 09/30/2003 11:56PM | Edited 10/22/2004 09:41PM #1
Hello Nick

I recently bought a FS 152 and I am still adjusting to using a new scope and transporting and setting up in remote locations away from home. One thing I have noticed right off is the other people who usually bring their scopes out stopped bringing scopes and would bring nothing but themselves and some friends to come over to my site and enjoy the great views though the Tak. They even call me in the afternoon to see if I"ll be there that night. Then that night they sit around debating which one of them has the best scope while waiting their turn to look though the Tak. Before the night is done they have to admit that the Tak is the one to measure against. I have installed a Gemini GoTo on my G11 mount and wow what enjoyment viewing instead of endless hunting like I used to do. Your right about it being a keeper.

Robert Wolfe