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Adding Filter Wheel to FSQ106ED at f/3.6

Started by ADavoli, 07/12/2020 05:43PM
Posted 07/12/2020 05:43PM Opening Post
I am hoping somebody can help me figure out the imaging train for my Takahashi FSQ106ED with a .73X focal reducer.   I currently have a QHY367C with the spacers and adapters to convert the connection on the front end to a DSLR.  In other words I can remove the QHY367C and add a Canon DSLR and the focus is exactly the same.  I am planning on adding a QHY600M camera and need to add a QHY 7 position filter wheel.  Can somebody please explain how I can achieve the proper 72.2mm metal back focus distance with a FSQ106ED/.73X REDUCER/ FILTER WHEEL/ QHY600M.  This might be more obvious if I had the 7 position filter wheel in my hand but I am on a wait list for that.  I am pretty sure the filter wheel will thread onto the Takahashi .73X reducer.  Do I scrap the Wide Mount T adapter and spacers?  Is there an adapter that I can purchase or do I have to custom machine something?  Thank you.  

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