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FS-128 handles 700x !

Started by chasp, 10/19/2003 01:06AM
Posted 10/19/2003 01:06AM Opening Post
Had the FS-128 out tonite, seeing was alot better maybe a 8.
Gave the double double a try,just for the heck of it i went up to 700x! And even at that dumb power it looked tak sharp, nice round star images, seeing was chewing up the image at that high power somewhat.

Mars was ok but seeing seemed to really make it boil over 300x, it's still kinda low in the SE- sky.

Posted 10/20/2003 12:22AM #1
Sounds like seeing was indeed the answer to your collimation concerns from the other night.

Hal Coward
Posted 10/20/2003 09:10PM #2
Charles et al,
One item that people often overlook in regards to seeing is that of the good ole Jetstream. When you have a band of atmosphere that is moving along at 100 to 175 mph only 6 miles up above you it makes one heck of a difference in the quality of seeing.
If you visit any government weather site you can find current and predicted jetstream location and maps thereof. Usually the aviation section of these websites give the best info.

Pleasant skies!
Dave H.
White Rock, Canada