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FS60C 2" Adapter

Started by reconair, 01/14/2007 08:40AM
Posted 01/14/2007 08:40AM Opening Post
Is there such a thing as a 2" adapter for the FS60C? If so, what's it called (nomenclature) and where would I find one?


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Posted 01/14/2007 09:45AM | Edited 01/14/2007 09:46AM #1
If you want to be able to attach 2" accessories(e.g. a 2" diagonal) to your FS-60C, get the Tak 2" compression ring adapter for the FS-78 or the Tak 2" ocular adapter for the FS-78 which is similar but uses two thumb screws instead of a compression ring.

Anacortes sells both and lists them in the "Adapters" section within "Accessories".

Among other things, the adapter will permit use of 2" eyepieces with the scope and allow it to make full use of its wide field capabilities.

Posted 01/14/2007 09:53AM | Edited 01/14/2007 10:06AM #2

I have never tried putting one on mine but you can read this if you want. I have the 1/12th wave Tak 2" Tak diagonal (TK-TSD0001) for my FSQ but I never bought the so called Novoselsky adapter to allow it to work with the FS-60C (as in the article):

I also read that a 2X barlow with the FS60 is better than the extender lens made by Tak which must be screwed onto the focuser each time its used. A Vixen "T" barlow - which cost about 1/8 as much as the Takahashi FS60 extender is supposed to work great. I haven't tried this as I have the extender for my FSQ already.

Doing a quick search, this is the only link I could find on the Vixen T-Thread barlow:


PS: I am not familiar with what Charles wrote either (thanks Charles)!
Posted 01/23/2007 04:41PM #3
What you are looking for is the Tak 2" compression ring adapter It basically screws on to the back of the scope and lets you put on any 2" or 1.25" adapter on your baby Tak without having to buy all the other Tak adapters. Here it is mounted on my scope The only thing is that a 2" diagonal wont come to focus with it with some eyepieces. To make a 2" eyepiece come to focus, you need the other shorter adapter that someone else recommended, and then you will also need a high dollar Tak diagonal to go along with it. I just use a 24 pan on a 1.25" diagonal for wide views.