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Re: Takahashi Twin View Binoviewer

Started by rhranac, 04/23/2005 12:10PM
Posted 04/23/2005 12:10PM Opening Post
Hi Mike,
I have a Tak TOA-130, and use a Tele Vue Bino Vue with it on occasion. The TV bino includes a 2x amplifier for use with refractors. The eyepieces I use in the Tele Vue bino include a pair of 32mm Plossls, 24mm Panoptics, and 14mm Radians. With the 2x amplifier, the effective focal length of these eyepieces is reduced by half--that is, the 24mm Pans become the equivalent of 12mm, and so on. The 24mm Pans, by the way, produce some stunning views.

At last Saturday night's Denver Astronomical Society monthly open house, I had the binoviewers set up most of the evening for members of the public. Transparency was so-so (it was hazy), and typical city light pollution plus the quarter moon in conjunction with the haziness made the sky pretty much shot for anything but the moon and planets. The air was fairly stable, though, supporting higher magnifications. I ended up using the 14mm Radians most of the evening (equivalent to 7mm in the binoviewer, yielding about 143x magnification, or just under 30x per inch of aperture). Needless to say, views of Jupiter and Saturn were outstanding, and members of the public really liked looking through a telescope using two eyes.