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Tak Tube Holder

Started by cdculbertson, 10/25/2003 03:26PM
Posted 10/25/2003 03:26PM Opening Post
Does anyone know if the Takahashi tube holder will work on a Vixen type dovetail plate? I am thinking that it might work better for my applications than the Parallax rings I am currently using. The Parallax rings make it a bit difficult to slide the OTA forward enough to balance with a binoviewer; is it any easier with the Tak ring?

Midway, Fl
Posted 10/26/2003 03:56PM #1

The Tak clam shell tube holder has holes that align perfectly with a Viven dovetail. In fact, a lot of the Vixen and Takahashi parts seem to interchange nicely. I am currently using a Tak 1.25 compression ring back on a 90mm Celestron/Vixen fluorite and the thread was a perfect match. As far as ease of adjustment. I find the single ring to be easier to loosen, slide and refasten. But the double rings are safer. With two rings you are less likely to end up loosing the whole load. But your 3am reflexes may be better than mine.