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Vixen vs. Takahashi vs. ???

Started by Guy Jordan, 06/21/2004 01:01PM
Posted 06/21/2004 01:01PM Opening Post
While I realize this could spark one of those shooting wars :-) I am looking for better discusion than Ford vs. Chevy. I have not had the oportunity to use a Tak. telescope but do own a Vixen 120NA on a GP mount. I'm curious how Takahshi products compare to the Vixens (at least the upper end Vixens) and where people have found the extra mone worth it and where it was not worth the extra costs.

To start it off, I did not realize how much color I'd be seeing with the NA design, nor how big the tube would be for the aperture/ratio. I have yet to have a night of good seeing with it so I have a hard time really understanding what it is capable of... let alone what a "better" instrument could do.


"I know engineers. They love to change things."

- Leonard McCoy (Star Trek: The Motion Picture)
Posted 06/22/2004 09:48PM #1
Guy, I sold a Stellarvue 102DN achromat. It was advertised as close to apo performance-but still an achromat-color corection,soft image, etc, etc,... I sold it and bought the FS78-it is superior in every aspect and absolutely capable of 300x on the moon as Alan and others in this thread have said. I just wish it was carry-on size. My new Sky 90II will be carry-on and should arrive this month per Anacortes. Then the FS78 will be up for sale and that is the only reason I would sell the FS78-what a scope this is!!