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2 inch EPs

Started by RobertHowe, 10/13/2007 09:58PM
Posted 10/13/2007 09:58PM | Edited 10/14/2007 09:19AM Opening Post
Setting up an observatory, I have been comparing a lot of telescopes and EPs. A question arises. For a 1200-1800 FL telescope, I find that I am using all 2 inch EPs--the new 2/1.25 inch Ethos (13mm), an old 9 mm Nagler with a 2/1.25 inch fit, a 22 Nagler, a 35 mm and a 41 mm Panoptic. So except for the very shortest of FLs, who needs 1.25 inch EPs? Am I missing something here?


Robert Howe
Wilbraham MA

TeleVue 85 f/7 // Astro-Physics Traveler 105 f/6 // Astro-Physics 130 f/8.35 // TEC 180 f/7
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