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Encoders from Gibralter fit Telepod/

Started by scottw, 05/10/2006 08:37AM
Posted 05/10/2006 08:37AM Opening Post
Just a quick question, does encoders from a Gibralter mount fit a telepod mount?

Posted 05/10/2006 04:04PM | Edited 05/10/2006 04:05PM #1
Hi Scott,
The new style Gibraltar is basically a telepod head mounted on a Gibraltar tripod. So yes they fit. Now if you have an old style Gibraltar then no they do not fit. The old style Gibraltar mounted the azimuth encoder underneath the head between the tripod legs. The new style mounts the azimuth encoder on top of the head. Another tip to the old style Gibraltar is that they used a "delrin" friction fit for the azimuth motion of the head. The new style has the azimuth motion self contained (like a telepod).