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New TV EP line, the "Ethos"

Started by RobertHowe, 04/29/2007 08:48PM
Posted 04/29/2007 08:48PM Opening Post
Of interest at NEAF was the 100 degree apparent FOV, 13 mm FL, 2 inch EP that Al Nagler introduced. The "Ethos". On his 101, it was absolutely pure, with no abberation to the edge of the very, very wide field. This will likely make 13-17 mm, 1.5 inch wide field EPs irrelevant. These will come out "in the fall".

I'll get a photo up tomorrow.

Robert Howe
Wilbraham MA

TeleVue 85 f/7 // Astro-Physics Traveler 105 f/6 // Astro-Physics 130 f/8.35 // TEC 180 f/7
Coronado 60 DS
"Scopes, Brains and Wisdom--but no Beauty"
Posted 04/29/2007 10:26PM | Edited 04/30/2007 12:47AM #1
gimme. gimme *now*!


(this sure would make a great first EP for me grin )

Any word on estimated price?
Posted 05/13/2007 05:29PM #2
I found some info on the Ethos eyepieces at the Company 7 website:

Michael Aaron McNeely
TeleVue Forum Moderator
Posted 06/06/2007 07:24PM #3
Check it out:

Michael Aaron McNeely
TeleVue Forum Moderator
Posted 07/23/2007 05:14PM #4
Hi, I was able to see the Ethos at Epoch 2007. Al Nagler spent two days at the star party.

I looked through the eyepiece on Al's NP-127 and through an 18-in Obsession.

During the day, I examined the ringed chart. It was difficult to see the edge of the field and I became somewhat queasy at times. At night, the edge was more apparent, it was like looking through an hyper-Nagler. I really enjoyed the night views. We looked at the Veil Nebula and it appeared to dangle in front of your eye.

In the 25-in Obsession we examined globular cluster M22. "My god it's full of stars!"

Using the Ethos was like looking into a hemisphere of stars that surrounded your eye. The eye relief was comfortable. I also lifted the eyepiece, and it seemed a bit lighter than my 35mm Panoptic.

I enjoyed talking to Al, and he even signed my TV-85.

Epoch 2007 was a nice event. The skies were quite dark, darker than I expected. The site easily trumps Astrofest in Illinois. The Milky Way was a brilliant arch overhead. Most LP was in the north from Chicago. I was also impressed by the efforts that Chris of 20/20 Telescopes put into making this a nice star party. I wish them luck getting it going.

Michael Aaron McNeely
TeleVue Forum Moderator