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Re: NP127 Price Drop?

Started by rumpledoll, 09/26/2006 08:11AM
Posted 09/26/2006 08:11AM Opening Post
The NP-127 occupies a special place in the 5" APO pantheon. At 14lbs it is by far the lightest of the currently available high quailty 5" APO's (SV5 is 21lbs, TMB/APM 130 CNC-LWII is 20lbs, TOA-130 is 22lbs, TEC-140 is 18lbs). This extreme light weight translates into the ability to use lighter mounts which increases portability.

Even the original version is well suited to astrophotography up to 35mm chip sizes, the iis version address even larger sizes (and reduce the light falloff on 35mm size as well). All the other 5" scopes require an additional field flattener.

For someone who is looking for a visual, portable lightweight 5" APO, the NP-127 has to be at least near the top of a very short list.