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Solar Filter for the Televue 60?

Started by ivanong, 08/14/2006 06:35PM
Posted 08/14/2006 06:35PM Opening Post
Hi, any idea for a solar filter for my TV 60mm? I'll rather not buy a film and rubberband it to the front.

Thanks, Ivan
Posted 08/14/2006 07:42PM #1
I had a Thousand Oaks filter. model 3250, that worked very well with my former TV-60. Its diameter was larger than necessary but a supplied foam strip adhered to the inside the rim of the filter cell made the fit nice and snug. A secondary benefit of the foam was that no marks or scrathes were ever left on the scope's dewshield.
I think the price was about $70.

Good luck!

Posted 08/18/2006 11:10AM #2
Agena Astro sells Baader Filters in light weight cells in a number of sizes for under $20.

I bought a pair for my binoculars and they work quite well, the only thing I had to do was cut back the ends of the plastic hold screws to get them to fit. If you send the owner the outside diameter of your scope he will tell you which size to purchase.