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Table Mountain Star Party - July 11-13

Started by WayneH, 06/02/2002 10:43AM
Posted 06/02/2002 10:43AM Opening Post
Just wondering how many members of this august group will be at the Table Mountain Star Party next month? Held in Eastern Washington July 11-13 this year, TMSP has grown to become one of the largest star parties in the country. The size and variety of equipment, including lots of fine home-made equipment, on the telescope field is truly amazing. There are equipment contests, newbie and kid's programs, and good lectures. John Dobson is scheduled to be at this
year's party.

Quite a few vendors show up, and it's nice to have a hamburger joint and latte stands (hey, it's close to Seattle!) open late into the night. (My daughter says the cheeseburgers are "the best"!) You can't understimate the importance of hot food and drink and other comfort items to the enjoyability of the observing!

Although the star party officially starts on the 11th, a lot of people go up early to get a choice camping site and extra days observing. I'll be up there on Tuesday the 9th.
It will probably be the first time I'll have the pportunity to observe through my new NP101 away from the big city under truly dark skies, and based on the tantalizing views I've gotten in poor skies, I'm really looking forward to it. Would love to meet other Televue users while up there!

Here's the website for further information: