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Televue Multi Purpost Telescope

Started by Mike Mandall, 08/23/2006 07:39PM
Posted 08/23/2006 07:39PM Opening Post
Just added a beautiful Televue MPT to my collection. Was wondering if anyone had any information on this early scope beyond what little is mentioned on the TV website and the one article I found on televues development which shows one picture of the scope.


Mike Mandall
Posted 08/24/2006 08:19AM #1
Hello there Mike,

A hearty congratulation on your very fine acquisition and a collector instrument the MPT truly is!!! Very few of the MPT were made.

You may find the details about this scope at
(it used to be very accessible but now you'll have to create yourself an account though it said free ;-) to access the patent). This is the only scope that Uncle Al published the design for and gave much insight into what he did.

Ron B[ee]
Posted 06/18/2007 02:55PM #2
The Televue MPT was designed and sold in 1982 for $1975.00. It was originally designed to test Nagler eyepieces at the factory, and from what I understand, is still being used for that purpose today. The MPT is a 5" refractor @ F/4 that originally came with a 2" diagnal and 2 plossl eyepieces. Hope this info helps................................................Bob