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TV 26mm Nagler vs 27mm Panoptic

Started by CharlesLamkin, 10/01/2002 01:19PM
Posted 10/01/2002 01:19PM Opening Post
Has anyone compaired the two. I had the 26mm Nagler but had to sell it due to a financial hardship. I am thinking about replacing it with a 27mm Panoptic until finances are in order. I see them selling for $250 - $280 used here on Astromart. Good decision, or should I wait to get the 26 Nagler? I have NO low power eyepieces at this time (lowest is the 17mm Nagler). Opinions please!


Posted 11/22/2002 02:27PM #1
In some respaects,the Panoptics are better than the Naglers. They are exceedingly sharp, and generally lighter in weight, which reduces balancing problems.The 22mm is a great versatile ep because it will fit 11/4" and 2" focusers
Posted 11/22/2002 02:42PM #2
I owned both, used them side by side for a while. The Nagler is better, at least as sharp and contrasty, without the pincushion seen in the Panoptic. Plus that huge FOV. I sold the 27 Pan.

However, since you have budgetary considerations, the 27 Pan is a wonderful eyepiece and you would be very happy with it. In your position, I would buy one used (should run $250) and save up until you have enough extra, sell the Pan for about the same as you paid, and get the 26 Nagler.

Another option, if you can go to 24mm, is the new 24 Panoptic. Tiny in comparison to the other two eyepieces.

Paul Gustafson