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TV Sky Tour instruction manual

Started by joseph macrie, 10/25/2008 04:02PM
Posted 10/25/2008 04:02PM Opening Post
Hello - Does anyone out there have an extra copy of the TV Sky Tour Instruction Manual or know were to get one??? Thank you Joe :S :S :S
Posted 11/03/2008 02:08PM #1
The .pdf manual for the JMI MAX computer may help as I believe they're made by the same manufacter (Tangent Instruments)as the Sky Tour computer.

Or call TeleVue for a copy. wink
Posted 11/08/2008 11:20PM | Edited 11/17/2008 08:48AM #2
Hi! I lost my original manuals in a move and called Televue. They sent both the operating guide manual and the sky database manual for less than $15. They always seem happy to help.

FWIW, inside the database manual, I keep a sheet with the magnification, exit pupil, and FOV listed by eyepiece for each scope I have. Most of this information is available on Televue's Eyepiece Calculator in the eyepiece section of their website, and you can calculate or extrapolate most of the info for non-TV eyepieces (their website shows you how to do this). I find the information helpful for general viewing information, navigation, and using a star atlas.