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What changed from type I to now??? HELP

Started by MurrayCarlson, 12/22/2002 06:03PM
Posted 12/22/2002 06:03PM Opening Post
I am coming to this forum with the proverbial "hat in hand" for help.
When I first got into astronomy in 1986 I followed the attage to buy the biggest and best affordable. Scope and ep's. I fumbled around in my driveway with an LX3 10" for about 6 months. My prize possesions were my ep's. The Meade was impressive but when I pulled my 40mm widefield out all you could hear was "ooooooooo and aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh". After 6 months of not being able to see anything worth while and not knowing anyone to work with I put it all away.
A couple of months ago my 16 y/o son asked about it. I drug it all back out. We quickly learned that we could sell the Meade (done in one day!) order a cool new GPS/goto scope (on order) and really get into the passion that I once had and now share with my son.
Upon reading the many articles, reviews etc we quickly realized that our great ep's may not be the latest and greatest. This is what brings me to you. We ordered one of the new Celestron 14" Goto scopes due to arrive in January. I want to make sure we take full advantage of this new "super toy" with the right ep's. I dont know if trying to go to the newest versions of what I have in addition to the universal agreement to get the 31 is necessary. Here's what I own now. All bought in 1986-87.
40mm televue widefield
13mm nagler
11mm nagler
9mm nagler
7mm nagler. I have to assume they are all "type I" ???? Until recently I never heard of different types. (marketing gimmick??)
What my telescope guy (Starizona) tells me is to get the 31mm nagler and the 17mm nagler. Both are 2" and would "round out" my collection. With this new scope would I benefit from going to type 5 or 6 or whatever they are? Scrapping them all and getting what? We plan on looking at everything the Celestron will show us. We are in a suburb of chicago but will travel once a week to dark sky sites to look at deep sky objects.
I really need some un biased help.
Please let me know what you think if you have the time.
Murray and Matt Carlson