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Started by Paultricounty, 06/21/2002 11:40AM
Posted 06/21/2002 11:40AM Opening Post
I have purchased a Zeiss Ib mount, I have not taken possession of the mount yet, but I was hoping some of the experts could give me some pointers and some do’s and don’ts. I know that the mount uses 220 volts 50HZ, which is the current used in Germany.
I live in the States and want to use this mount with our 110 volt current and for use with a 12-volt car battery. I know that this may sound shocking but I know nothing about electricity:-) What would be needed? Also if anyone would have some ideas about mount to tripod configurations,for more portability, as this mount was purchased with a heavy pier, which will not be used often. All help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Posted 06/22/2002 12:11AM #1
Congrats on getting this superb mount.

It is rock solid for a refractor up to about 10 kg or so.

Maybe an inverter could be made to turn a 12 volt source up to a 220-240 V. NZ has 240 volt power so it tracks perfectly.

I got such an inverter made. A friend who is an electronics expert made it for me. It is even rechargeable and works well in the field.

My Ib had a damaged RA slow adjustment.
The mount however is so well made I find releasing the course adjustment works fine. Otherwise I use the seting circles after carefully polar aligning.

It is a beautiful mount.

Kevin B

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