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15 x 60 B/GA T ClassiC Binoculars

Started by John Finnan, 03/12/2003 07:15PM
Posted 03/12/2003 07:15PM Opening Post
The April 2003 issue of Astronomy magazine has a review 10 giant size binoculars (in the 60mm - 80mm size range) by Phil Harrington. He ended up rating this model as # 1 for viewing the heavens. Since some of the ones he was comparing it to were the 16 x 70 Fujinons and 18 x 70 Nikons that's quite an accomplishment for a 15 x 60mm binocular.

Has anyone else had any experience using these binoculars? And if yes have you had a chance to compare them to 16 x 70 Fujinons in particular? Also, has anyone ever had a chance to compare these agaist the 15 x 60 Zeiss Jena (now Doctor Optics) Nobilems? If yes, how do those two stack up against one another?

John Finnan
Posted 03/12/2003 08:26PM #1
Good question John
Markus Ludes reviewed and compared several Zeiss 15 X 60 binoculars and some Tak?? binoculars on I recall the older 15 x 60's in the review had better colour correcction but less eye relief than the newer version.

Best wishes

Kevin Barker
Posted 03/13/2003 07:42AM #2
I owned the Fujinon 16x70's for some time before I bought the Zeiss 15x60 B/GA T*. I did extensive side by side comparisons and the Zeiss were the clear winner in every aspect. They exhibit better contrast, better color correction, better edge performance, and (surprisingly, given the aperture difference) are a bit brighter. As an added plus, they are only about 7" long by 8" wide, making them hand-holdable. They also have center focus and can be used for long distance birding, but not close focus. I sold the Fujis.

I briefly used the Zeiss Jena's and was unimpressed, especially with the edge performance. YMMV.