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APQ focuser

Started by Paultricounty, 06/20/2004 08:27AM
Posted 06/20/2004 08:27AM Opening Post
Could anybody tell me if there is any maintenance required for the focusers on the APQ’s with the M86 helical style focuser? Do these need to be greased or oiled and is there any way to make adjustments to the tension or smoothness of these fine focusers.

I notice on the few APQ’s that I had the pleasure to look through, some are tighter and some are smoother than others.

I wonder if this was done by their owners or was there that much of a difference from the factory from scope to scope.

Posted 06/22/2004 04:20AM #1
I am not well qualified to answer this. Bob Luffel emailed me instructions for adjusting the backlash. It isn't too hard to do although I don't know if I have mine exactly where I want it yet or not. I am not aware of lubrication requirements. I am not at home to access the info on backlash adjustment but would happily send it along to you or post it here. Bob Luffel from Alpine Astronomical in Eagle, Idaho would be a good source of info on this. Kevin Barker would probably have some good input as well.
Posted 06/24/2004 05:17AM #2
I attempted to forward an email to you today that has Bob Luffel's description of how to adjust the APQ focuser for tension and backlash. Hope it came through, I used a 2002 email address for you.