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Started by Paultricounty, 01/26/2004 06:10PM
Posted 01/26/2004 06:10PM Opening Post
Hello Group,

I hope everyone had a good new year!

I have heard differing opinions about the APQ triplet lens oil having to be changed as a once in a while semi regular maintenance. I know that Markus touched on this a few posts ago. I was hoping some of you could give their opinions about this or maybe some things that you may have read in Zeiss literature about this topic.

Is this necessary? And how often? Also if this is a necessary maintenance what will be the first signs of deterioration? And what are the costs?

This also brings up a very interesting dilemma for the future preservation of these fine scopes, if and when Baader may no longer provide this service.


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Posted 01/28/2004 10:34AM #1

I bet 99,9% of the APQ owners dont know about it and will never notice a change, which is very small and can be detected only if you have the chance to do a high quality startest. I have this possibility and my eyes are dealing daily with high end apos, so I do such change, for standart owners it is maybe never necassary. Even if I may not see any diffrence in focuse, my head brain asked me to do it

best wishes

clear skies

Markus Ludes